No matter what the medium, we love a challenge, and we love to get it right.  Be it a straight-forward, interior design project, or an immersive, experiential event that re-routes rush-hour traffic, every project that hits our desk gets love and attention.  From simply making it rain onstage, to building a forest in Times Square, to making 88 pianos magically appear across 5-NYC boroughs for 2 weeks,  our work and experience runs the gamut and keeps us on our toes.  We start every project by developing a strong, visual design concept along with a realistic, feasible production plan–from there, we can create anything.

This process begins with lots of ideas and myriad post-its, fueled with plenty of research and scribblings, before we narrow it all down to something solid that we present to our clients and directors.  The designers on our team dream big and visualize what our clients want, while our dedicated producers ensure these designs can be executed well, on-time, and at budget.

There’s nothing we love more than developing strong, unique ideas that become creative, well-executed designs and productions.   Here’s a small sampling of what goes on in our heads…

ONE DRESS A DAY – Brand Launch Event

Initial Concept Sketch

Final Rendering

RED BULL – “Club Stratos”

Initial Concept Sketch


Final Rendering

HORNITOS – Private Theatre

Private Theatre, Final Concept Rendering

Outdoor Theatre, Final Concept Rendering


Pre-Show Look, Final Rendering

Fashion Show, Final Concept Rendering

ZERO HALLIBURTON – Brand Re-Launch Event

Product Vignettes, Final Concept Rendering


Interior Design Concept Board

Interior Design Concept Board


Final Concept Rendering

SEARS – “This is Color” Public Art Installation

Launch Event, Final Concept Rendering

Public Installation, Final Concept Rendering

25 PARK – Interior and Custom Furniture Design

Custom Cash Wrap Design

Completed Store Interior